Basically, there are two types of freckles namely sunburn freckles and simple freckles. Usually, simple freckles are small, round, and tan- about the size of a common construction nail head. On the other hand, sunburn freckles or sunspots are usually dark and have irregular jagged borders that can be larger than a pencil eraser. In general, sunburn freckles are much common on upper back as well as shoulders where individuals frequently get maximum severe sunburns of theirs.

Everything You Have to Know about Freckles & More


  • Ephelides is a Greek word as well as a medical term for freckles. This is a term that means flat tan spots, slightly light brown or reddish as well as typically visible during summer months.

Ephelides most often are found on individuals having a light complexion as well as in few families they can be genetic (hereditary) trait. Individuals having green eyes and reddish hair are much prone to such kind of freckles. Sun protection and sun avoidance including regular use of sunscreens can assist in suppressing the appearance of a few kinds of freckles.


Freckles on face


  • Lentigo comes from Latin word specifically for lentil as well as is a medical term for a specific skin of sunburn freckles and darker freckles.

Lentigines tend to be darker as compared to common freckles as well as usually don’t fade in winter. Such kinds of spots are referred to as lentigo simplex. Though occasionally, lentigines are part of the rare genetic syndrome for a maximum part they just are isolated as well as unimportant spots.

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