Tea tree oil has been used for many years to treat a variety of conditions including skin tags, also known as cutaneous papilloma, fibroma molluscum, or cutaneous tags. This natural remedy has recorded significant achievements in removing Templeton skin tags. Extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia, commonly called the Australian tree, tea tree oil has extra benefits aside from skin tag removal.

Skin tags are not painful, and they do not pose any harmful effects to the body. However, they are cosmetically unpleasant especially when they appear on the face or other highly visible areas of the body. They are also uncomfortable when they form in the armpits and other folded regions of the skin.

In many cases, one can avoid professional medical treatment since skin tags can be treated using homemade solutions like tea tree oil.


Tea tree oil


Benefits of Tea Tree Oil


The benefits of tea tree oil range from keeping the flu in control, invigorating the body’s white blood cells to heighten the immune system, and killing bacteria and viruses on the surface of the skin. Additionally, tea tree oil has some fungus killing capabilities, making it an ideal solution for treating unsightly fingernails and toenails.


How It Works for Skin Tags You Have


Tea tree oil is a natural do-it-yourself solution for treating skin tags. The oil works under the principle of dehydration where it suffocates the skin tags until they fall off the skin.

The procedure requires cleaning the skin tag, putting three drops of the oil on a cotton ball, and securing it on the skin tag using masking tape. Leave it on the skin for 30 to 40 minutes, and repeat the procedure three times a day for 2 to 3 weeks. If the skin feels itchy during the first use, dilute the tea tree oil with water.

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How to Choose the Best Tea Tree Oil


Buying tea tree oil can sometimes be tricky seeing that there are a lot of brands out there with each promising a superior product. With that in mind, always go for the one which has the purest form of the base ingredients.

The natural antiseptic property of tea tree is known as terpinen. The higher the terpinen concentration, the higher the effectiveness of the oil when used to treat an acrochordon or skin tag. Also choosing a 100% organic tea tree oil will be more effective than the commonly diluted oils on the market.


Where to Buy Tea Tree Oil


Pharmacies and general stores, such as WalMart, sell tea tree oil. Additionally, internet stores like Amazon will have many options available. Always choose an oil with a history of effectiveness, whether from online reviews or on a friend’s recommendation.

Don’t forget to check the concentration levels!


Wrapping Up!


You can remove skin tags with tea tree oil and avoid the doctor entirely. It is a historically effective remedy, but there are many types of tea tree oil which is why we recommend buying the highest concentration available.

Tea tree oil is not always 100% effective on all skin types.

Therefore, those with sensitive skin or many skin tags should speak with a dermatologist.


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