In layman´s terms, skin tags are painless, small-sized, flesh-colored growths that hang off the skin and they can occur all over the body. Although skin tags are harmless, they can be quite unsightly and a nuisance when they grow in sensitive areas such as armpits, eyelids, and groin. There are some treatment methods for each of them.


However, let´s discuss the matter at hand. Let´s talk about skin tags on eyelids. If the skin tag forms in just the right spot, it could obstruct your vision altogether. It also becomes a lot more noticeable to other people. And, that, in turn, can put you in a difficult spot and lower your self-esteem and confidence. In addition to that, the awkward positioning of the skin tag on your eyelid can make it challenging to self-treat.


Why does skin tag appear on the eyelid?

Well, like tags elsewhere, the skin tags form on the eyelids because of the skin-on-skin movement of blinking. It should bring you relief to know that skin tags, in general, are completely harmless.


So, the question arises — how to get rid of skin tag on eyelid?

The safest way to get rid of skin tag on the eyelid is for you to visit the doctor. It is always better for you to see an eye doctor or a dermatologist; they are experts in their field and are well-capable of freezing or cutting the tags off in quick fashion without causing pain or added damage to either the sensitive skin around your eye or your eyes themselves.

However, it is possible for you to self-treat your eye skin tag. Here are a couple of popular and effective eyelid skin tag removers on the market today;


  • TagBand for lower/upper eyelid skin tags

This particular product uses the tying off technique to remove skin tags. Basically, all you will need to do is to insert the small band (provided) onto the cone and release it over the skin tag. The band will stop the blood from getting to the skin tag. Soon enough, in a week´s time, the skin tag will fall off, with the surrounding skin returning to its natural tone.



  • Use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a natural skin tag remover. Basically, all you will need to do is to dip a cotton bud on tea tree oil. Then, you can apply it to the skin tag. You shouldn´t do this more than 3 times a day. You should be very careful when you apply tea tree oil as the essential oil can be rather potent.


Tea Tree Oil


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