There are several names for skin tag and few of them are pedunculated papillomas, fibroepithelial polyps, and acrochordons. In addition to groin skin tags, such growth can be seen nearly anywhere- under armpits and most commonly on the neck.

Though skin tags are highly common condition appearing all over your body, individuals become embarrassed and sensitive especially when they learn they have skin tags developed in the groin area. Basically, skin tags are small, soft, fleshy-coloured or lesions with other-colour that generally occur in multiple as well as protruding from the body. These tend to form under the arms, along with the neckline, beneath breasts, above and on eyelids, and in the groin area of course.

Groin Skin Tags Appearance

When these groin skin tags develop on a penile shaft as well as around scrotum, these can get easily infected, chafed, and irritated. Groin skin tags can also bleed when injured as they contain blood supply that helps them in growing. Generally, skin tags are harmless but they can be quite irritating when these get injured as well as can be unsightly for a few people.

Symptoms and Appearance of groin tags

Mostly, groin tags take on an appearance of skin that is unwanted and usually don’t cause a lot of embarrassment. It is the penile skin tags that can grow at the head of the penis that causes much of concern. Any abnormality unfortunately in the penis is assumed to be linked to STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) though it isn’t true. Skin tags often on penis occur at circumcision line due to uneven skin removal at the time of being circumcised.

Though one and all can develop skin tags in the groin area as well as elsewhere, some contributing factors are there that can cause skin tags to develop. Some of these are:

  1. Obesity & Ageing
  2. Insulin rejection that can be caused by factors like diabetes in the body thereby affecting skin tags growth.
  3. Steroids- bodybuilders as well as athletes who make use of illegal asteroids can contribute actually to the appearance of these skin tags because steroids can cause collagen fibres in the skin to get bonded in a manner that formation of skin tags is possible.

For comfort reasons as well as for avoiding possible anxiety on part of a sexual partner, one can decide to have skin tags removed in the groin area.

Medication and Treatment for Groin Skin Tags

Don’t forget that skin tags have the ability to reappear anywhere on your body. But, once skin tags get removed, they grow back rarely.

Given below are few ways by which one can get skin tags removed


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Excision can be used for removing small tags after local anaesthetic has been given. Tags that are large may require being removed under general anaesthesia. Other methods are cryotherapy where tags will be frozen off using liquid nitrogen, and, electrocautery.

A laser is a natural alternative for skin tag treatment that one can use for treating their skin tags in the groin area in the privacy of their home.

Try remembering that groin region is just like skin present anywhere else on the body and there isn’t any reason whatsoever regarding why one must feel embarrassed about their groin skin tags.


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