Freckles are not always disgusting or repulsive like many other skin blemishes. They can actually be quite attractive to some people, and their attractiveness or lack thereof is very subjective from one person to the next. If you are here looking for ways to get rid of them, then obviously those freckles need to go…

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Keep reading this article to learn basic information about freckles and how to get rid of them…


Freckles: Introduction


It’s easy to look at someone with fair skin and freckles and just assume they came out of the womb that way.

Freckles certainly aren’t natural. People who’re susceptible to them are born with a genetic mutation to a hormone responsible for producing the protective skin pigment called melanin. This hormone is called the Melanocortin-1 Receptor (MC1R).




When the MC1R hormone gene is altered in the womb, certain areas of the skin called melanocytes receive more melanin than others, resulting in hyperpigmentation of the skin in the form of freckles when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

Think of freckles as the individual dots resulting from of a broken suntan which doesn`t connect together to make an even brown, beautiful golden-brown tan as they do on darker-complexioned people.

While every one of every race and skin colour is susceptible to freckles to an extent, red-headed people have it the worst. Genetic mutations of the MC1R gene are also equally-responsible for red hair, fair skin, and the resulting increased sensitivity to UV rays. This is why red-haired people often have more freckles covering their bodies than anyone else.




Anyone with traces of red hair on their head or body (strawberry blonde, auburn …) and fair skin often have some level of mutation to the MC1R gene in their body.

Even dark-complexioned people can get freckles on certain points of their bodies when over-exposed to sunlight; mainly on the cheek and nose area, but certainly not limited to those areas in every case.

Over-exposed is a subjective term with regard to the formation of freckles since as little as 10 minutes of midday sun will cause the melanin to begin being delivered to the melanocytes in the skin.

Freckles can be removed, but you must make lifestyle changes
(for example, reducing direct sun exposure) in order to prevent them coming back in the future.





Different Types of Freckles


There are no “types” of different freckles.

Identifying them is generally quite simple, but you should always consult your doctor if there’s any doubt. In certain cases, early stages of harmful skin cancer can closely resemble freckles to the untrained eye.

Meladerm is clinically proven to remove freckles naturally, without using harmful chemical exfoliants or bleaching agents such as hydroquinone.

  • Potential Health Risks From Freckles

Freckles are frequently labelled as harmless and they are, sort of…

The non-freckled cells of the epidermis and underlying dermis are actually where skin cancer can develop because they don’t receive an adequate amount of melanin to protect the lower layers of immature skin. Light skinned people are in general, most at-risk for developing skin cancers of all types.

Having freckles doesn’t automatically mean you’ll develop skin cancer in your lifetime. But fair-skinned folks are 20x more at risk than dark-skinned people, and if you have freckles it’s a given that your skin’s tolerance to UV rays is significantly lower than other people who don’t get them.


Best At-Home Freckle Removal Methods


Lemon juice


  • Sunscreen / Clothing: Freckles will disappear if you don’t feed them! Stop giving them UV rays and they’ll eventually starve. Make sure to take a 4,000 – 10,000 IU vitamin D supplement every day, since our bodies use sunlight to manufacture it, and your health will quickly deteriorate if you don’t get it from dietary sources.

Note: if you continue to get sunlight while using any of the suggestions below, you’ll never get rid of freckles. Covering up with sunscreen and/or clothing is the only way to prevent them, period!

  • Lemon Juice: Use lemon juice from a fresh lemon or buy a jug of concentrate and apply it several times a day to your freckles. Results vary but expect it to take months for any noticeable reduction in the appearance of your freckles. The citric acid will eventually exfoliate the freckled skin and give way to new non-freckled layers.


  • Homemade Dairy Masks: Rub whole milk, yoghurt, or sour cream on the affected areas. Allow the mask to sit on the skin for as long as possible. Most sources recommend at least 10 minutes, but this is another method that takes a lot of time to work, so try to make the most of each application. Lactic acid is the active ingredient in this homemade freckle remover, eventually exfoliating the freckled skin away with continued applications.


  • Castor Oil: Made from castor beans, castor oil is great for arthritis symptoms, bowel regularity and hair and skin health. Though the use of this oil for skin lightening has mixed results and requires multiple applications for any results at all, it’s worth a try. It’s thought that castor oil promotes skin cell turnover, but if anything you’ll definitely have softer, more radiant skin after using it.


  • Mechanical Exfoliation: Mechanical exfoliation will work faster than any other at-home freckle treatment. There are a variety of ingredients that work well for exfoliating skin including corn meal, ground up nut shells, oatmeal, sea salt, and rice bran. Rub the skin vigorously to remove the freckled layers of skin and expose the fresh layers of skin. The only trouble with exfoliating this way is that you are limited to how much your skin can take without becoming red and irritated.


  • Chemical Exfoliation: Chemical exfoliation involves using concentrated acid-based products, specifically designed to peel away the top layers of skin that contain the freckles. Most contain a combination of hydroquinone, alpha hydroxy acids (salicylic, citric, glycolic, lactic, malic, tartaric, etc.), retinol (vitamin A), and biological enzymes (papain, bromelain). Some are more aggressive than others and the risk of severe irritation is great with chemical exfoliation. Read the label directions carefully before proceeding, and don’t leave them on your skin longer than recommended!

If you don’t want to suffer through painful or time-consuming freckle removal methods, give the all-new Meladerm a try (30-day money back guarantee)


All-Natural Meladerm: Safest and Most Effective?

Meladerm combines all-natural plant acids and bleaching ingredients with rejuvenating and fortifying skin conditioners.

Most over-the-counter products use hydroquinone, a laboratory-made skin bleaching agent, to break up the melanocytes that cause the hyperpigmentation of the skin.




Unfortunately, most people with sensitive skin (like people who get freckles) can’t use hydroquinone without getting itchy, red, blistery, painful outbreaks every time they use it. Hydroquinone is cheap to manufacture, making it desirable for skin care companies who want to make a buck marking up cheaply-made products for big profits.

Worse, it’s speculated that hydroquinone may be responsible for several serious health problems including liver and kidney damage, leukaemia, thyroid disorders, and malformed immune and nervous systems in fetuses during pregnancy!

Whether it works or not, hydroquinone appears to do more harm than good in the long term. Not a good option for safe freckle removal!

Meladerm is one of a few select skin lighteners that doesn’t use unnatural chemicals and which is manufactured according to stringent USDA standards.

Here’s a list of the all-natural melanosome-busting ingredients used in this product:


Tego Cosmo C

Kojic Acid

Alpha Arbutin


Liquorice Extract


Each of the above is proven to lighten skin by breaking up melanosome sites in the epidermis (top-most layer) and even the deeper “dermis” layers of the skin. Since the product penetrates the deeper layers, fewer applications may be needed for complete freckle removal.

Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) is also added to Meladerm, to improve the transport of the skin lighteners below the top layers of the skin to the immature dermal layers, while also promoting healthy moisture-boosting, skin toning effects within days of use.


Professional Freckle Removal


Laser treatment for freckles


There are two popular ways skincare professionals will use to destroy stubborn freckles:

  1. Laser Freckle Removal
  2. Microdermabrasion

Each work and both have their own individual merits.

  • Laser Freckle Removal:

Laser freckle removal can take as many as 3 separate office treatments to break up the melanin contained in the melanosomes of the skin. A specially-designed laser emits a green wavelength of light that breaks up the UV blocking melanin pigments in your skin.

Cost varies depending on what areas of your body need to be lasered, and how many freckles you have overall. Treatment for a small area like facial freckles can cost as much as $300 per session ($300 x 3 = $900)

This procedure can range from mildly annoying to outright painful, especially for larger areas. Side effects include red, puffy, blistered skin, with a potential for bruising.

Choose your laser technician carefully if going this route!

  • Microdermabrasion:

Microdermabrasion, as you probably gathered from the name is “abrasive”. The epidermis and top layer of the dermis are sloughed off using a combination of a rough, grainy paste that’s applied to the skin, along with an electrical device featuring an abrasive spinning or rotating head design. The skin is scrubbed thoroughly, exposing the lower layers of dermis skin, and freckles can start to disappear within a few treatments.


Laser treatment can work faster, but microdermabrasion is much cheaper, often included in day spa packages and available for as little as $30 per session in many places. Buy your own professional microdermabrasion device and you can reap the benefits this procedure offers, from the comfort of your own home. This treatment is often combined with the use of skin lightening products for even faster results.

Microdermabrasion, if done carefully is much safer than laser treatments, with most people complaining of mild redness and itching for 24 – 48 hours after the procedure.

Recap on Your Professional Freckle Removal Options:

Laser Treatment:

  • Expensive – Up to $300 per session for a small area like the face.
  • Potential for severe skin outbreaks and infection.
  • Multiple office visits may be required.
  • Freckles come back when skin is exposed to sun again.


  • Relatively inexpensive – often included in spa packages and costs as low as $30 per session individually (much cheaper if you buy your own microdermabrasion device like this household vacuum conversion kit and do it on your own).
  • Low incidence of skin outbreaks and infection.
  • Multiple (4 – 5) office visits may be required.
  • Freckles come back when the skin is exposed to sun again.

Recommendations for Efficient, Inexpensive Freckle Removal

The desire to get rid of freckles is easy to understand. Covering them with makeup can be time-consuming, and may not be practical in your situation.

If your freckles leave you feeling unconfident about your appearance, that’s more than likely affecting your confidence at work and other social situations.

Laser treatments are effective, but they can be painful and are definitely expensive. Worse, if you step out into the sun for a weekend of fun, you’ll be stuck with freckles again and will have no choice but to book multiple office visits with a laser technician all over again!

Exfoliation masks and scrubs will help to remove unsightly freckles – over time – but you’ll find yourself rubbing your skin raw repeatedly in an effort to remove enough skin to see results.

Swathing your face in stinky, unpleasant home remedies like sour cream, lemon juice, or castor oil might seem like a great home method to take care of your freckle problem. However, most will not prove effective; visibly lightening the freckled areas, but without clearing up the skin entirely. They also take months of daily applications for any level of success!


The Best Advice for Removing Freckles


The best advice for removing your freckles is to use a natural product like Meladerm that works to lighten your skin without the pain of lasers, or the toxic health-damaging effects of chemical bleaching agents like hydroquinone that’s found in most home bleaching products.

Combined with a home microdermabrasion device, you can remove freckles on your own and maintain your complexion without having to visit a dermatologist for multiple treatments at their offices.

Since your freckles will most certainly return at some point, the smart option is to have a safe and reasonably speedy removal method right at your fingertips.


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