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What are Skin Warts? – Top 10 questions answered!

By now, individuals probably know that idea of skin warts catching from toads isn’t anything more than old wives tale. But several individuals still are having questions regarding these at times painful and unsightly growths that seem to crop up out from nowhere. Given below are ten answers to frequently asked questions related to warts. […]

Groin Skin Tags: Symptoms & Appearance

There are several names for skin tag and few of them are pedunculated papillomas, fibroepithelial polyps, and acrochordons. In addition to groin skin tags, such growth can be seen nearly anywhere- under armpits and most commonly on the neck. Though skin tags are highly common condition appearing all over your body, individuals become embarrassed and […]

Types of Freckles: Lentigines & Ephelides

Basically, there are two types of freckles namely sunburn freckles and simple freckles. Usually, simple freckles are small, round, and tan- about the size of a common construction nail head. On the other hand, sunburn freckles or sunspots are usually dark and have irregular jagged borders that can be larger than a pencil eraser. In […]

How to Prevent Freckles?

What to do if freckles don`t seem beautiful or you simply don`t like them at all? Since people cannot change their genetic component of freckling on their own, the primary prevention measure aims at avoiding the sun as well as using sun-protection includes the following tips. Please, learn them carefully and take all the precautions. […]