Active lifestyle, travelling… if you want to keep your skin healthy, you need to take care of it. Modern beauty market has made a huge step in giving us numerous number of great skin care products, while South Korea is the leader of the market of products designed specially for men. Korean products consider skin sensitivity, age group and type of skin, proposing a wide range of different great products. It is easy to get literary lost among all the products, but we have survived!

Now we are glad to announce the best Korean products of 2019 

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Korean Male Skin Care Routine

It is important to carry out a daily skincare routine. Korean cosmetic makes the process easy, fast and pleasant, you don’t even need to think about it! Follow these easy 3 steps every day, pick up the product you like and feel your skin brilliant from the inside out!


Step # 1. Let’s clean face in a smart way

Water badly damages our skin causing many problems, like acne, small damages and skin irritations. Use cleaning products, like gels. They will not only deep clean your skin but also moisturize it.

BANILA CO – Clean It Zero 

Banila products balm will help you to clean your face without any damage. It is also moisturizing and refreshing perfect for morning thanks to papaya extract.

Clean It Zero promises to make your skin Zero clean. Test it by yourself!

180ml || $16.67


Step # 2. Using moisturizer

When your skin is perfectly clear, use moisturizer. Usually, they have pleasant smell creating moisturizing barrier which prevents skin dehydration.

DR.JART+ – Ceramidin Liquid 

DR.JART will bump up your skin condition and strength. It is perfect for any skin types, so choose the one you like and go forward!

150ml || $20.43


Step # 3. Finishing it

Now after your skin is clean and refreshed, you can use the last step to make your skin ready for anything! Sun, wind, extreme conditions! Be sure to choose the right product to assure your skin best protection.

INNISFREE- Perfect UV Protection Cream Triple Care (SPF50+ ) 

INNISFREE cream is perfect for sun protection. Pick up the protection level for you. It promises triple care and 24 h protection.

50ml || $9.60


Facial masks for men


∼ Sheet Masks for Men ∼

No need to say that face masks have become a big part of our lives today! Test anyone you like, choosing from millions of available on the market.


MALIE – Face Sheet Mask 

MALIE Face Sheet Masks will make your skin simply happy! We have chosen them because one can choose from 8 different masks: Aloe, Coenzyme Q10, Cucumber, Green Tea, Seaweed, Vitamin, Collagen, Potato. If you have never used a sheet mask before, you can try different types and choose those you like. Snail mask is extremely popular today so be sure to make your experience!

8x20g || $9.90

MALIE Face Sheet Masks


SECRET KEY – Snail Intensive Mask 

The snail masks are among TOP products in 2018-2019 so be sure to have your own! Mask helps skin renewal. If you are having many flights spending much time in the air SECRET KEY producers highly recommend to apply a mask to avoid skin damage.

20g || $2.90



∼ Other Special Treatment for Men ∼

The male skin is very sensitive, that’s why Korean experts have invented different special treatment products. We recommend to use them depending on your lifestyle and your climate.

Care about the skin around eyes

The skin around eyes is very delicate and thin, that’s why it’s necessary to have at least a couple of favorite products. We have chosen 2 to be the trends.


GROUND PLAN – Deep Wrinkle Treatment Eye Cream 

GROUND PLAN is the optimal way to give the richest treatment for your skin. For the affordable cost you get the natural components like argan oil, sunflower seeds oil which act very fast because they are high in natural lipids.

25g || $58.00


REAL BARRIER BY ATOPALM – Real Barrier Eye Contour Cream 

This is mostly an anti-aging cream and it makes the skin younger by the active peptide components. It absorbs instantly, making skin firm.

Active life style, travelling, different temperatures, these and many other factors affect our lips really badly. If you will have some of lip balsams in your pocket, believe us, it won’t make you any harm!

40ml || $31.00



[Moonshot] BIGBANG10 Lipbalm 

It’s the best price and quality suitable for everyone. The product is specially designed for men. MOONSHOT relates to YG Spirit, if you want to be part of this philosophy have your first product tested with us!

Special treatment for body

Korean cosmetic has beauty lines designed specially for males. Usually, they have fresh, citrus or wood components.

20g || $7.99

[Moonshot] BIGBANG10 Lipbalm 


HOLIKA HOLIKA – Aloe 92% Fresh Moisturizing Shower Gel 

For example, you can try to shower gels for your body. HOLIKA HOLIKA is special because it has a pleasant cooling effect.

390ml || $5.56


VILLAGE 11 FACTORY – Relax Day Body Oil Cream 

The great moisturizing body cream will make your body skin looks fresh after shower.

200ml || $11.00




  1. Natural biocomponents. They suit perfect to the skin type and act instantly. Thanks to biocomponents, the process goes fast and smooth
  2. It is diverse. Korean beauty market is very diverse, so you can choose exactly what you want
  3. Highly effective. They consider the male skin peculiarities
  4. Creative design. It is perfect for your bathroom or as a present
  5. Easy to use. You don’t need much time to figure out how to apply it and you need less time for the process

Want to know more? Test everything yourself by shopping for any item you like!


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