Many people go to great lengths to prevent the formation of freckles. However, as the age-old maxim states, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,” not everyone hates freckles. Not everyone on God´s green earth has the same views about the “accepted” beauty standards. In fact, many believe that freckles serve as one of their defining traits, giving them an extra pinch of character, adding to their personality.

Everything You Have to Know about Freckles & More


Talented photographer Alexandra Bochkareva from Tashkent, Uzbekistan who currently based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia is a great fan of her models with freckles.


Freckles are sign of beauty


While some people try to cover their freckles, her photos of often red-haired models show the unique beauty of freckles, and encourage people to embrace theirs!


Freckles are sign of beauty


Freckles can be regarded as a trademark for unconventional beauty. Let´s talk about facts here — no two freckles are the same. What does this mean? This implies that freckles help make you unique, giving you a completely unique genetic makeup.


Freckles are sign of beauty

Freckled models are all the rage at the moment. Freckle-faced models are at the centre of fashion spreads and they are strutting on every runway. In the world that we live in, beauty is gearing towards the unique as opposed to the conventional. Tabloids and famous magazines in recent times have done numerous spreads celebrating freckle-faced men and women. We can all agree with the fact that the media always has a major say in what can be regarded as beautiful, influencing people from all over the world.


In addition to that, fashion giants such as Topshop have even started selling freckle pencils to help freckle-less people put realistic fake freckles on their faces.
If this current trend continues and starts building momentum, soon enough, freckles will not be frowned upon anymore. People may soon start undergoing surgeries to acquire freckles.


Having freckles can help make you a more confident person as well. Let us explain how. Well, you, as a freckled person, have probably never been regarded as handsome or a pretty person in your life thus far. This means that you´ve had to go against the grain your entire life and build your own self-esteem, giving you a thick skin.
You no longer need to feel conscious of your freckles. You should embrace them, accept them and flaunt them. The world has accepted you for who you are; it is about time you accepted yourself too.

So, are freckles a sign of your beauty?

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