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Margaret Rowland


Vitiligo: How to Get Rid of White Patches on Skin?

Vitiligo can be basically described as white patches on the skin. The skin condition causes the loss of skin color in blotches. The patches can appear on different parts of the body including arms, face, feet, hands, lips, and around the mouth and eyes. Despite the advancements made in the medical industry, experts have yet …

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Women’s Genital Warts – Oops!

Genital warts, sometimes called venereal warts, are a form of sexually transmitted infection (STI) that commonly affects sexually active people under the age of 30. That said, some occurrences of warts have been recorded in older people as well. According to medical studies, women have a higher likelihood of developing genital warts over men. Here, …

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Korean Beauty Trends in 2019

Nowadays every woman and man has a feeling that Korean innovators produce something new before you even try their previous cosmetics. Self-excellence is about comfort, convenience and openness. While having ordinary meetings with a ‘family dermatologist’ is a standard in Seoul, travel, work, and public activity can act as a burden, so self-improvement has been …

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Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tags

Tea tree oil has been used for many years to treat a variety of conditions including skin tags, also known as cutaneous papilloma, fibroma molluscum, or cutaneous tags. This natural remedy has recorded significant achievements in removing Templeton skin tags. Extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia, commonly called the Australian tree, tea tree oil has extra benefits …

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